"Being grateful doesn't guarantee that you'll have a great day, what it guarantees is that you'll move through your day in greatness." 


5-day introduction video series for you to start building a daily practice of working with your body, mind and spirit as you cultivate and develop the most important relationship you will ever encounter in BECOMING MORE--the relationship between you and your body.  Click here to begin.

Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.


First, let me clarify my definitions of indoor cycling and meditation.  

An indoor cycling class is a workout where the instructor takes you through a series of hills, runs and jumps to simulate outdoor riding using encouraging verbal cues and dynamic music.  The beauty of this experience is that you don’t have to worry about stop lights, traffic or other outdoor distractions while pursuing your fitness goal.  Instead, what you begin to discover are the internal road blocks, stop signs and other emotional obstacles that you’ve created on your road to change.  Patterns that, without recognition, will continue to keep you from achieving success.

This leads me to the definition of meditation.  At its core, meditation is the discovery and exploration of one’s internal world then connecting it to the external world without losing that awareness.  

Your internal landscape contains three basic components...thoughts, emotions, and physicality.  

For most of us, we are aware of our thoughts and emotions but, somewhere along the way, we have lost touch with our physical bodies.  I believe this has become one of the largest obstacles people face on their road to transformation.  Our bodies are our greatest and wisest teachers.  The only thing we must be willing to do is to listen and connect to it.  Because when we do, we begin to realize that our bodies are built to help us become the best version of ourselves that we can be.


I've used this song during the last moments of class for many months now.  I find it beautifully calming and restorative.  



The alignment of our body keeps the body safe as it goes through the strengths and weaknesses, highs and lows, contractions and expansions in its process of creation and Becoming More.  Similarly, the true alignment of our spirit is not restricted by age, height, weight, gender, sexuality, race, beliefs or the many roles we play in this world.  Our  true alignment doesn't limit us.  In fact, it FREES us. 

becoming more...







Over the past couple of years, I have trained myself to drink 2-3 glasses of room temperature water before putting any food, tea or shake in my body.  It has definitely helped to increase my energy level as well as an overall difference in how my body feels and looks.